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Why a SD1 site?

I have created this site because of my passion for the Rover SD1. Over the years I have owned several Series 1 & 2 cars from the base 2000 to the luxury 3500VDP. I saw my first SD1 at the age of seven; a Tumeric yellow series 1. I thought it was the most fantastic car I had ever seen! Four years later my maths teacher bought a new series 2, 3500 in Oporto red. I used to drool over that car (much to the bemusement of my friends).

At the age of nineteen I bought my first SD1 second hand from my uncle. It was a 1980 series1, 2600 in Midas gold in very good condition. I have had various models since, over the years.

Almost two years ago I acquired a brain tumour (removed now). I was banned from driving for a year after my radiotherapy. Because of the recovery process (a long long time) , hence the creation of this site.
I now own a mint 1983 10,000 miles only 2600S

If anyone would like to contrbute to this site, I would love to hear from you.

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This website contains a number of photographs and images; many of the images have been sent by visitors to the site, who want to contribute to. Some period photographs, have been acquired from different sources i.e. from visitors, the internet etc. Wherever possible I will credit the source of the images, although this isn't always possible.